So, this is the beginning.

9 11 2009
You make Joburg Great

You make Joburg Great

A blog. Crisis. Who would have thought I would finally take the plunge. Welcome to You Make Joburg Great. The blog that will settle the debate about why the hell so many people live in Joburg. Because of the people, because of you, this city f*&(king rocks!

Guys and girls with a passion for the incredible city, let me know, we need you to contribute. This isn’t about me, this isn’t about Joburg and this certainly isn’t about the ex pats that chose to live somewhere else. This is about you.

Some rules about this blog and what to expect:

  1. Unlike Fight Club, you may talk about this. In fact, talking about it is largely encouraged. Tell your boss, secretary, sister, brother, best friend, car guard, the next good service you receive or your petrol attendant, “YOU MAKE JOBURG GREAT!”
  2. There really are no rules. Just a collection of thoughts from the coolest people in the city.
  3. This is going to be short and sweet. Things to do in Jozi coming up, what we are doing for the YMJG initiative or generally cool shit about our city.

For those who haven’t seen the website yet, check

And remember, you make Joburg great.





3 responses

11 11 2009
Lesego Monone

Hey Guys pretty rad concept, super dope concept actually.

I actually saw a girl with a pink top on Rissik Street holding up the sign. I’m loving this concept and yes i want a sign too.

You Make Joburg great.



11 11 2009
Kate Stannard

So often we South Africans focus on the negative, we live in such a vibrant, beautiful city. Right now everything is bright green and bursting with life, the sky is magnificent each evening. It smells like heat and cut grass and rain, Joburg is great and this campaign reminds us to focus on the positive.

You Make Joburg Great!

13 11 2009
Urban Joburg

Have you guys seen this initiative?

We should make refuse bags with the YMJG logo on it, and use them to help pick up littler 😀

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