Thursday on Gandhi Square

12 11 2009

We were there bright and early as usual- spreading cheer in traffic, its day three on Rissik Street- and this morning we got into a bit of trouble,,,

You see:

As a safety measure Joburg Metro Police have to arrest any group larger than 10 people supporting the same cause, which is perfectly understandable, i mean riots and mass action can be a bit scary and dangerous sometimes! Luckily the fuzz (oh, wait, thats disrespectful- they’re pretty awesome people!) i mean the officers escorted one of our head traffic cheerleaders, Rhein, to a little office to state his case in front of some official-looking people in suits- and… they loved what we we’re doing!!! So we got a permit for  our friday funday at Gandhi Square… Thank You Mister Hans! You make Joburg great 🙂 we had loads of fun, and we had more “Facebookers” come meet and join us- thanks for coming Dimitri, and all the school learners (i forgot to ask which schools yr from-sorry!)

Come join us tomorrow Friday the 13th (eish, i know!) on corner of Rissik and Main next to Nando’s and across from McD’s to party it up in CBD for the last time before we move to the east side of our beloved city!! See you there at 7am till 9am!

Mmm, we’re kinda like Gary the tooth-fairy, but maybe just the opposite- instead of making shiny white teeth disappear, we make them show up (a lot) and we’re MUCH more successful…

Thanks to the Police officers who continually make the city so much safer, and to the council officials who granted us permission on such short notice- YOU make Joburg great 🙂

See you there





One response

13 11 2009
Urban Joburg

That’s great guys! Next time I think you guys should do it during lunch. Gandhi Square during lunch on a Friday BUZZES and it’s so frikkin awesome!

Keep up the great work!

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