Why, oh why are we doing this?

12 11 2009

I guess I can try and write a beautiful piece of poetry about how we’re not doing this initiative for ourselves, but for the  greater good of mankind (or should I say Joburgkind?), but of course that wouldn’t be entirely true, we’re definitely getting something out of it… Let me try and illustrate what it is with a picture…


Here’s a few reasons in picture format caught the past two days while I was holding a sign on Rissik St, in Joburg CBD

Yip, its those pearly white smiles, it makes you feel damn good inside- its pretty easy to grab a few notes with “the big five” printed on them and hand it to a stranger, but it’s a lot more difficult to put in time and effort, and we all know if you teach a man to fish, he’s got food for a lifetime. So, if we remind Joburgers how fantastic and unique they are, wont that perhaps have a lasting effect that benefit us directly? Affirmative readers!! We’re getting up to all sorts of shenanigans which makes others around us feel a little bit better- and in turn it effects as in two ways; Immediately- the smiles, laughter, handshakes, hooters, sirens, frantic waves, headshake-grin-combo’s and even the look of utter disbelief- leave us in a state of Euphoria. You feel so flippin’ good after a two hour stint dancing in traffic, you believe you can take on the world (and you probably can). Then what we hope will happen in the long run, is that Joburgers will be 100% as awesome as they were meant to be- which would make this the coolest place on earth! (Not quite as cool as Siberia without a ski jacket-but you get what I’m saying)

So, its not quite as selfless as you think 🙂 We’re totally doing it for us, ok, and maybe for You too- actually.




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