Bond, Joburg Bond…

16 11 2009

Friday the 13th, mmm, we will probably need all the help we can get, We were just a bit worried that no one would pitch up even though we’re pretty positive, non superstitious people, but you never know right?
Just imagine our pleasure when this supposed unlucky day turned out to be one of the coolest ones for us to date!

Arriving in CBD just before 7am, I walked down Rissik toward the intersection with a couple of boards, and as I walked by McD’s 3 pretty girls came rushing out with a couple of cappuccinos in hand- they were so amped and ready for  traffic havoc, I could hardly keep up with them.
Even cooler was when we met up with another of their friends- and they were in fact spray painting their own YMJG tshirts on the side of the road!! Well done Michelle, Sarah, Laura and Jade- you guys rocked 🙂 Check out their custom shirts- they’re awesome!!

Halfway through our morning street party at about 8am- this truck passed through Rissik street, and ON the flatbed was a gentleman in a fancy black suit, slowly cruising through Rissik Street,  in his hands… A YMJG sign 🙂 what an awesome sight- we pretty much thought it was the Joburg version of James Bond. Well done Puneet, you made us all laugh out load and traffic loved you!!


Our very own Bond cruising on the truck in his suit... Nice...

A few minutes later he casually came strolling back down the road and rejoined his friend who joined us earlier. The amazing part is how many people from the Facebook group arrived to selflessly help out traffic- we were all total strangers who just immediately clicked, getting behind our cause to make people smile on this fair Friday morning!

The energy and the vibe was phenomenal, even tough we didn’t have a big  gig rig like we had in Sandton- Thanks guys, I know its tough taking out 2 hours out of your morning to do this, especially Lwazi who just finished exams at UJ,  as well as Nonzwakazi and Tammy and the rest of the girls- your energy was inspiring- You’re all special Joburgers! See you all soon. Keep on making Joburg great!





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