Finally its Monday

18 11 2009

Well, I never thought I would ever say this, but I am so glad it’s monday!!

What a weekend, if you were bored this weekend you obviously wern’t in Joburg, We had the cricket on friday night, pity about the rain, The Parlotones @ The Dome on saturday, Cycle Challenge on sunday.. and so much more!! Saturday was also the big re-launch of Taboo… propbably Joburgs hottest night club, the celebs were out in full force, Fire breather’s and body painted lions and tigers in cages, that was all just at the entrance, with the opening of Taboo, the cocktail bar next door also opened, Caccoon, check it out, great decor, perfect for a few drinks with mates, great manager as well.. Thanks Dimitri (The manager) for the tequllia rounds!!

Then before I knew it the sun was up and I was on my way to the 94.7, 8 o’clock is pretty early to get up on a sunday, especially when I only crawled into bed just after 5, so with 3 hours sleep we were off… all bright eyed and bushy tailed.. well more like red eyed and hungover.

With the roof down and the music on, I got my second wind and was wide awake, ready for a day in the sun!! We found our spot, got out our signs and ready to support the racers, I must take my hat off to all that crossed the line, not only is it a pretty intense race, the blistering heat didnt add to the challenge, but I must say the team work and support of fellow racers was great, from where we were standing we could see the racers on there last stretch, from around the bend there was a line of green jerseys, and as they got closer you could see the team work, there was a disabled memeber of the team who had done the whole race on a bike you pedal with your arms, if  that makes any sense, the whole team had his back, and to me that is what makes the people in Joburg GREAT!!

Every one crossed the line with smiles on there faces, pumping fist in the air, high fiving team mates and other racers.. that MAKES JOBURG GREAT!! It was an amazing day and well worth the sunburnt arms, its might be Joburgs toughest race, but It was full of Joburgs Amazing people!! once again well done to all the racers…

A weekend in Joburg wouldn’t be complete without a braai and a swim, so with the last bit of energy and the voice I had left we had a braai with my hottie and vig jumped in the pool , messed around and was in bed by 7!!

What a weekend, so glad its monday, but cannot wait till next friday to do it all over again!!








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