Day Jobs…

19 11 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. It appears the weekend took it out of a lot of us and we actually have day jobs we had to temporarily return to for the week. So we aren’t terrorising any intersections this week and we won’t be at any concerts or sports events this weekend. But from Monday, we hope to be back in full swing and are looking at the busy Linksfield/Club/Civin Road intersection in St Andrews/Sandringham area. If you are close by, make sure you join us, even if only for 30 minutes.

We have been busy making signs and now have loads and anyone is welcome to swing past our office to grab a couple, as long as you promise to use them! We are in PenQuin International, Bedfordview, 16 Skeen Boulevard, 3rd Floor. Opposite the new Tao club. Ask for Darrin, Dean, Steph or Rhein and we will hook you up..

In other stories (I feel like I am on e News) we have shifted the facebook focus away from the group and more to a fan page. Groups on facebook are limiting in their communication and a fan page allows different albums to be loaded which is really cool for us. So please be sure you join it at

Until next time, have a good one! You make Joburg Great.





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