Linksfield Road this week

25 11 2009

So we have been on Linksfield and Club Roads this week. It’s been pretty tough as most drivers are completely oblivious to anything happening more than 2 feet from their steering wheel. We will hopefully change that and get THROUGH TO THESE PEOPLE!

Cool car on Linksfield Road this morning! WONKA MAKES JOBURG GREAT.

We did make a difference to at least one person this morning and I would like to share her comments as she has identified and realised the true objective of what we are trying to achieve 🙂

Charmaine (08:30:06) :

25 November 2009… a Wednesday Morning… hectic traffic… roadworks…. uggghhh….

I was on my way to work… same old routine, barely aware of the people in the cars causing my traffic jam… yawn…

As I crawled towards the Linksfield intersection I noticed a guy with a cardboard sign. People with cardboard signs, yawn… See them all the time…

I was about to look away when I noticed that this guy was not only young and well dressed but he was wearing a cool pair of sunglasses. I took a second look…

“Cardboard-Sign-Guy” was grinning from ear to ear…. at me!

He pointed his index finger at his cardboard sign and pointed… at ME!!

I read the sign “YOU make Joburg GREAT”!!

He smiled, nodded slowly and gave me the thumbs up.

I looked around (probably for the first time this morning) and noticed the “Traffic-Jam-Cars” contained people! And each of these people were smiling at “Cardboard-Sign-Carrying-People” who were telling them that THEY TOO make Joburg Great.

I caught the eye of several of my fellow Traffic-Jammers and shared a smile and a “HOOT” and the guys with the Cardboard Signs seemed thoroughly thrilled by the response.

I want to tell all the “Cardboard-Sign-Carrying-People” that YOU GUYS ROCK and definitely MAKE JOBURG GREAT!!!!

You, know… we don’t have to carry signs to be “Cardboard-Sign-Carrying-People” and to let those we pass know that They Make Joburg Great too!!

Well Done and thank you for making my day!!!!


From now on, please can everyone call me “Cardboard-Sign-Guy”! 🙂

Have a great day!





One response

28 11 2009

You made a difference to our mornings this week. Especially with the hectic traffic at that particular intersection.
Keep up the great work.

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