Tis the Season!!!

1 12 2009

Hi all, its been a while since my last blog, but I have been pretty busy!

Since my last post I donated blood for my 1st time, was not a great experience, I passed out while donating and then passed out another 2 times after that! So not a good day.

Random fact: You cannot pee and donate blood at the same time.. its impossible!!

After seeing Joburg in new eyes, I decided I cannot just see Joburg in new eyes I have to live Joburg through a new mind set.. I used to be the person that would get pissed off if the waiter got my order wrong, or if I was in a hurry I would not greet the lady behind the till, but that has now ended! I greet everyone as though they are my friend, it makes your day so much more pleasant when you are the friendly one! The service is better if you smile and you feel like a better person at the end of the day!!

Its true what they say; “what goes around comes around”.

I have given lots to charity leading up to the festive season and I would like to think in return I won a cabin on the Millers cruise and got a Golden Circle ticket for the Killers on Thursday night!

It is better to give than to get (even though its still great to get) so get the old clothes out your cupboard and the tinned fruit you know you not going to eat and donate. Today is World Aid’s Day, so I hope you all bought a ribbon and supported the people living with Aids!

December is the time to give, so give as much as you can and you will receive!! Trust me, I have seen it in the last few weeks!!!

We have carried on making Joburg Great too. Last week we were at the Linksfield intersection and once again it was tons of fun! The best part of last week was seeing the smiles on all the kids faces from the nearby school… one mom asked if we were going to be their the whole year beacuse her son could not wait to get out of bed and see the guys with the signs! Thanks for the support kids, all the high 5’s made my morning great! Carry on, YOU KIDS MAKE JOBURG GREAT!!!

So it looks like December is going to be a busy one! Look out for our signs at The Killers concerts @ The Dome!! Its gonna be crazy! If you gonna be on the cruise, look out for signs there… a lot of Joburg’s party animals will be living it up on the boat… and they make Joburg Great!!! Come join us at our 1st flashmob, that’s gonna be something to remember, check out the details on the facebook fan page! All I can say is thank you to online shopping, because the only time im going to have to shop is on Christmas eve!!! Fun times.. shopping then is like trying to paddle up stream, minus the paddle!!

Have a good one guys, give and you will receive! There are people out there that wont wake up to the new clothes or an ipod on Christmas morning so MAKE JOBURG GREAT and give, give, give!!!





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