You make 2010 Great! And Joburg of course.

4 01 2010

The New Year is upon is. Just like that. Your resolutions have been made with the optimism that January brings and hopefully this year, you’ll stick to at least half of them! 🙂 I made two. One, to learn to play a musical instrument and I am now shopping for drums. Secondly, to push YMJG into a different realm. The waters were tested during the last quarter of ’09 and I feel Twenty Ten is the time to make it rock properly. Are you ready?

Loads to look forward this year. Super 14 is just around the corner, Proteas host England at Wanderers next week (hopefully it will be 1-1 by then) and then of course, Joburg will become the centre of the World for 6 weeks during the World Cup. I heard 85% of all visitors will go through Sandton at one point. That’s huge. The bottom line is, Sandton will not make people return or get visitors to tell their mates to come to Joburg. The only thing that will, and it is bound to happen, is you. You will make Joburg, 2010 and the World Cup Great. Hope you’re ready for the year of your life…

We have the video up of everything we’ve done so far, click on the image to check it out and send it around to everyone who lives in Joburg. It’s a great way to start the year…

All the things we've done

So Happy New Year, welcome back, let’s rock 2010 and have an awesome year, because YOU MAKE JOBURG GREAT.





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