YMJG making a difference

13 01 2010

We have had a few awesome responses from certain people over the duration of You make Joburg Great. We even had a lady from the UK who decided to move back after 11 years because of the campaign. However, I don’t think anything has pulled on our heart strings as much as this email I received last night from the US. I have now decided to make it my mission to find some money to pay for a trip back to SA for these 2… Any sponsors keen, please contact me on deano@penquin.co.za.

Hi Dean. I have a friend from Jo’burg.  His name is Japhta Senkga Thoka.  I met him at the local Salvation Army, here in Dallas.  He will soon be forty-four years of age.  He had ended-up in Dallas, after being homeless in New York City for over eleven years.  In the summer of 2006, he was injured, a severe head injury, while working at a summer camp near Glen Spey, New York.  Japhta is a most remarkable man, his optimism seems inexhaustible.  We’ve been working on a book about his life and I’ve gotten to know him quite well. I hope that we will be able visit before long.  When I met him, he had lost all of his documentation.  The staff at the Republic of South Africa Embassy in Washington were very considerate and helpful in our quest to get it restored.  Lee Rondganger with The Star located his father and some other friends in the Johannesburg area.

We hope that his status in the USA will be settled soon.  Unfortunately, his experience in my country has not been all that he expected.  I’ve been using your site as a method to help him understand the tremendous changes that have taken place there since he left.  I would be willing to send you a short synposis of some of our notes that will be included in the book.  He would be thrilled to receive some correspondence from “home”.  He was born in Alexandra Township in February, 1966.

Thank you, I enjoy visiting your site.

Murphy Pickett

Can’t wait to meet them both and get everyone to welcome them at the airport. It reminds us of the change we have achieved and what all of you are helping to do towards the perception of Joburg internationally! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

If you haven’t done so already, please see the YMJG video here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfecIrOXrdM.





4 responses

17 01 2010
Thean Beckerling

The video is awesome! How can I get involved? I would love to be part of this great initiative!


29 01 2010
Charmaine Govender

I would love to be part of this initiative!
Please send me stickers – banners

1 02 2010

HI Charmaine

send me a mail on darrint@penquin.co.za and I will organise for you.

3 03 2010
Lexi Goldring

We are running an Global Education Campaign around the World Cup (www.join1goal) . I think the campaign you guys are running is awesome and I would love to support.
I also would love a t-shirt and wondered if they might be available to buy online.
The Logo and branding is a great design.
Wishing you luck!

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