Life is too short

16 02 2010

So, I’ve been sitting here thinking of what to write in this blog, thinking of something exciting, something that people will read, something that, well, won’t make you fall asleep.

Then I thought of something a friend said to me to today. She said that she hasn’t just been spontaneous in a while, and that got me thinking… Why do we always have to think about what we’re going to do and plan weeks in advance? Why do we all congregate around the Baron bar on a Friday night, or sit on the couch all Sunday? Why don’t we ever just do STUFF? Live life more, have more fun, be more spontaneous, just be happy.

Happiness. An abstract concept, a state of mind that everyone seems to strive for, but few find. Money worries, work stress, relationship issues. It seems that happiness has become that golden pot at the end of the rainbow. “If I just get… then I will be happy.”

A few Fridays ago, “The Circus” (a name given to my group of friends, and a very good name at that) were at our usual Friday night spot… Where else, but The Baron? As usual, it was packed, full of pinstriped suit-wearing bankers and accountants, and then us. Of course everyone’s hair was perfectly dried and outfits totally stylish (and that’s just the boys). No one could move. Getting from the outside to the inside, or just getting to the loo, took at least 20 minutes.

Standing outside later in the night, the heavens opened and all the banker’s in their dry cleaned suits only rushed for cover. Girls were stampeding because – heaven forbid – their GHDed hair should be ruined. We were stuck under a tiny overhang outside and that’s where we planned on staying until it passed over. One of the circus members and I were chatting about, don’t ask me why, Step Up 2: Take it to the Streets and how cool it would be to re-enact the final scene with a dance-off in the rain. With that, my friend hurled himself into the pouring rain, and I was a step behind him.  The two of us were breaking down our Justin Timberlake moves in the rain. All eyes were on us, with a look of disgust, the people thinking, “What are they doing? How could they do that… and HERE?” It didn’t take long before the rest of the circus joined us. We were dancing in the rain and singing at the top of our lungs. At that spontaneous moment we were happy, not a care in the world; we were just living in the moment.

This is not a story about how drunk we might have been or anything else. This is a call to action.

Today I had to go take pictures around Joburg. I was at the Hector Peterson Memorial; I rushed in to take the shots because I had to be back at the office ASAP. I took my shots and raced back to the car, and when I got in my car and looked back at the memorial. I decided to actually get out again and take it in. I walked around, read the stories and absorbed it. It was amazing, but something that I might have missed if I hadn’t jumped at the opportunity, something I wouldn’t have done if I had actually thought about it properly. So what if I have to stay at the office till 9 tonight? It made me happy.

Life is too short. Do something out of the ordinary, do something that you wouldn’t normally do.

Have a picnic in your back garden, go bungee jumping, climb on your roof and look at the lights in Joburg… DANCE IN THE RAIN…

Do something that makes your day, week or month great, because you are the only one that can make your life great!!





3 responses

16 02 2010

So true! Being spontaneous is about the best thing you can do for your soul- no planning required,it’s something you do in one ‘crazy’ moment that leads to everlasting memories of something that made you truley happy, made you feel 100% YOU! Live today like there’s no tomorrow and even if there is, you’ll never have today again!

18 02 2010

love this – more of us should toss caution to the wind and have fun!

25 02 2010

Hi there

I just got my YMJG tshirt free at Boost, im planning to wear it this weekend even though its a bit big! Cant wait!!!

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