The Vibe, The Party, Its all in Joburg

3 03 2010

Maude Street came to a stand still at 12:00 when the over-350 people, joining in the 100 days to kick off party, sang our national anthem. I got shivers down my spine and goose bumps on my arms looking around while people from every age, race and gender group sang in unison. It was amazing to see everyone coming together just to have a good time and show their support for the World Cup.

What a day, YMJG was there in full force, but we couldn’t compete with the sounds of our national instrument, the Vuvuzela.

As the celebration began in earnest, the special guests of the day, 200 children from the Joburg Home for Vulnerable Children and Sizwile School for the Deaf made themselves space to watch the performers for the day. Steve Hofmeyer took the stage as well as Loyiso and Watershed, our Diski dancers taught the crowd the dance, and what a sight it was when the whole crowd did the soccer moves-inspired dance.

It was a showcase of the amazing spirit of Joburg. Our city came together to create an unforgettable vibe; we are a nation that sings and dances at every occasion… if yesterday was a taste of what’s to come, its time to warm up those vocal cords and put on those dancing shoes because its going to be a non-stop party.

But before I log off, I must take my hat off to the SAP, the fire department and the medics who where there in full force yesterday to help anyone at the drop of a hat… They Make Joburg Great!!

We Make Joburg Great.

You Make Joburg Great.




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