The A-Z of ZA Ama-Zing

18 03 2010

N is for Naartjie

K is for Koeksister

V is for Veldskoen

A few things that make our country an awesome place to live!

The YMJG team was invited by Apple to participate in their Ama-Zing Race, a race around Joburg with the idea to find out what makes SA, SA.

When we arrived at the Apple store, there was a line up of Minis… the whole range: Coopers, Clubman, Cooper S convertibles and the new John Works Mini. These would be our modes of transport for the day. My heart was set on getting the new yellow Cooper S convertible… what a car!

We, the YMJG team, already knew everything that makes Joburg great: THE PEOPLE! Our clue read:

‘Test out the lumbar support on the driver’s seat while you make your way around Joburg, taking pics of all favourite bits. Meet back at the iStore Sandton at 13:00, but not without a picture of Nelson Mandela (in person is preferable), elaborate road works (that’s a toughie) and a cheerful street vendor (sad ones don’t count). Once back, you’ll be turning all your photos into something Ama-Zing, all thanks to the powers of Mac.’

As we all ran out the building, we had to grab a key from a bag… I grabbed the one that I wanted. I knew it was going to be a good day!! We jumped in the car. The roof was down and our iPods playing great local music as we pulled out of the store.

Our teams had our signs on board and were ready to get snapping. We zipped around JHB in our Minis taking amazing pictures and truly seeing some amazing things. We went to Newtown and found everything we needed to… great pics of the city, Nelson Mandela bridge (how’s that for thinking? Nelson Mandela is all over our city). It was pretty awesome to drive over the bridge with the top down and the bridge structures over us. We met truly genuine people plying there trade, true artists. Do yourself a favour and go for a walk around the Market Theatre. It’s flipping cool!!

We cruised around JHB snapping awesome pics from the car with the top down. On arrival at Apple, we were given an awesome lunch and Macs to make Ama-zing photo books. It really was one of my best days at the office!

I really encourage everyone to go to there local Apple store and get involved in a really Ama-zing campaign. It’s really awesome, you get to see our country through the eyes of a stranger and you get to see what they think makes our country awesome!!

Here are a few pics, but check out facebook for all of ours.

A big thank you to Apple and Mini for such an AMA-ZING day.






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