A few Joburg Stories

26 04 2010

So I sent out a call to all Joburgers to send in some of their own stories, and I have had a great response, so over the next few weeks il be posting some new stories from Joburgers. SO here goes…..

I am a YMJG ‘er saw your post about cool JHB stories.

Great day in JHB

I found out about You make Joburg great “ when you were all standing on the corner of William Nicol and Sandton Drive cheering the passing traffic“ early one morning , I spent some time that day on the net finding out what it was all about , loved the concept and the whole day seemed to have a great positive vibe .

That afternoon on the way home from work I was stuck in traffic, also on William Nicol and I watched as a young guy kept jumping out of his car a few car lengths ahead of me and approaching other cars every time the traffic stopped.

I couldn’t see what was happening but further down the line I ended up behind his vehicle , there were 4 people In the car and this time I saw the guy jump out and head to the car next to him and pass that person a flower.

I motioned to ladies in the back of the car asking them where my flower was and they told me to come and get one, so I did, to big smiles all round. They went their way and I went mine, closer to home I pulled in at a garage and decided to pass it along, I stopped next to lady in her car, passed it to her through the window and told her that a stranger had given it to me and made me smile and I was doing the same, she smiled and said great I’ll pass it on to!

I got home wondering how many people would smile that day.

Probably the best drive home in traffic I have ever had, a super wicked day that started with “You make Joburg great” and ended with people making Joburg great.





One response

27 04 2010

Hi Guys,

We’ve been in Jo’burg for the past half year developing a dynamic feel good movie that shows the best Jo’burg has to offer. We are finalizing production this Thursday and would love to have a ‘City of People’ shot with some “You make Joburg Great” ambassadors. Who should I call to make that happen? Looking forward to hear from anyone who can help make a plan asap!

Thanks a million!


e-mail me on desireebrouwer@gmail.com

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