From Durban to Joburg with Love

7 05 2010

We asked people living in Jozi to tell us stories about what makes Joburg a cool please. This is our first post from a Durbanite who’s fallen in love with Joburg. Rock on!


Hi there

I really like the initiative. I think you guys are doing such good work 🙂

My story about Jozi starts last year February. I moved up from Durban on sufferance. My family was here and they said that if I didn’t find a job in Durban I had to move back in with them. So I moved, leaving the only life I knew behind for a city I never really liked.

I got here and was negative about everything – the cold, the traffic and the people seemed to be unfriendly. That was until I went to Wits.

As I strolled around the campus, looking for something interesting, I came across this group called the Wits Explorers. In a dingy room in the Students’ Union building, they sat chatting and having lunch. I walked in and made myself at home. The Explorers of Wits made me see what Joburg is really about and have shown me that Joburg isn’t unfriendly – in fact, when you look closer, the people are friendlier here than Durban! Most people are ready to help at the drop of a hat and make you feel welcome. The student life was better, the number of pro-active people higher and the energy of the city is inescapable.

People are too quick to judge Joburg as being a concrete jungle. I have been on more rafting, hiking and camping trips since I have been here than when I was in Durban. I climb trees more often because there are more trees here. If you look for it, there is so much more to do – I have seen more live music here than I ever have anywhere else. And I love the sunsets filled with purple, blue, gold, red and orange.

Sure, the traffic sucks but that’s life. Sure it’s cold but it’s more of a chance to snuggle up with a blanket and heater. I have fallen in love with this city.

Nikita Ramkissoon




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