Soweto 101: A guide to watching Rugby at Orlando Stadium

23 05 2010
For loads of Blue Bulls supporters, Soweto was a completely new experience. Who would have thought that the predominantly Afrikaans supporters would be watching their team smash the Crusaders in Orlando Stadium, Soweto of all places. What a historic event! What an awesome atmosphere! Well done to everyone for making Joburg Great.

It would seem though that watching Rugby in Soweto was not as awesome an experience for some as it was for us so, here are a couple of tips to making the most of your visit.

  1. Leave early! That’s the key. There is loads to do once you’re in Soweto and you don’t want to still be looking for parking half way through the first half. If you’re up for a new experience, Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transport service will take you directly to the stadium. Check out their website for routes and costs.
  2. Get some local flavour! Wandies (6kms from stadium) and Sakhumzi’s(4kms from stadium) are both awesome venues to  soak up some local cuisine and enjoy a couple of ice cold bevies before the game. Both venues offer a wide variety of meals, served buffet style, catering for both carnivores and vegetarians alike.
  3. Orlando Stadium. Plan to get to the stadium with time to spare. There is loads of access and we found parking without any problem at all. Drinks were freely available and there are plenty of street vendors selling loads of last minute supporters gear. Don’t rush to get out of the stadium after the game. The beer garden was awesome and the vibe was unbelievable! Good party.

Give yourself plenty of time and you’ll have an awesome day in Soweto. It was great to see how welcoming the locals were. Yesterday, Soweto turned Blue! Next week Soweto will once again be blue, it’s just the shade that will tell us apart. Good luck to both the Bulls and the Stormers.

To everyone who made the trip to Soweto, to all the locals who made it a great day out and everyone who was proud of this historic occasion. You make Joburg Great

Google Maps (Maps and Directions)

Greg Kockott




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