15 Days to go… Where will you be watching?

27 05 2010

The closest experience to catching any of the 2010 FIFA World Cup games live at any of South Africa’s breath-taking stadiums is popping in at any of Johannesburg’s official FIFA Fan Fests™, public viewing and township TV sites.
Football fans in Johannesburg without tickets to the FIFA World Cup matches may be able to join in the festive opportunities the city is offering to watch matches live on big screens.
With two host venues, Soccer City and Ellis Park stadiums, Johannesburg is the first city in the history of the FIFA World Cup to have two Official FIFA Fan Fests. The Fan Fests will be located in the historic township of Soweto and the up-market suburb of Sandton, in the north of the city.

In addition to the Official Fan Fests, the City of Johannesburg will boast several public viewing sites for the World Cup. Here, football fans can have the same football fun experience as in the Official Fan Fests.
There are numerous parks scattered all over the city, some of them equipped with giant screen televisions to entertain residents. These parks – thanks to a partnership between the City of Johannesburg entity City Parks and cellphone network giant MTN, will be screening live all 64 matches of the 2010 World Cup

Read more: http://www.joburg.org.za/content/view/5150/168///#ixzz0p8iaH0GT

Source: www.joburg.org.za

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