A Day in the… “Life of Brian”

18 06 2010
This is one of the most awesome stories I have ever heard and a true indication that You really do make Joburg Great. Meet Brian, the big guy on the right with the Vuvuzela in hand.

Two friends of mine had taken the day off on Wednesday to visit the SAB World of Beer and spend some time in Mary Fitzgerald Square soaking up the World Cup atmosphere. While walking through the square they came across this lonely guy sitting on the step eating some lunch. As friendly Joburgers do, they sparked a conversation with the lonely guys sitting on the step and here’s his story…

Brian and a girl friend, both Americans, came out to South Africa to follow their team, USA, through their World Cup Campaign. Anyway things between the two of them got off to a rocky start and she decided to call their trip short and fly back to the states. This upset Brian hugely as he had been waiting years to visit South Africa and wanted to make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity. So, Brian, minus a girl friend spent his day all by himself at Mary Fitzgerald Square not really knowing what to do with the rest of his time in Joburg. My two mates, without a single hesitation invited Brian to spend the day with them. They want for lunch in Sandton, to Hooters in Fourways to catch the South African game and even made sure that he was dressed appropriately for the experience. (Note Vuvuzela and Beanie) He even spent the evening at our mates house because he was in no condition to find his own way home in Jozi. It was unbelievable how “at home” he was made to feel in Joburg and I’m sure it’s a story that he will take with him and share with all his friends back home. It’s also a real testament to Joburg and people that make it a great place to live.

This is just one example of a story that really touched me and I’m certain that there are loads of other stories out there… If you have a really cool story about how Joburgers made Joburg Great then please share them with us.

Kind Regards,

Greg Kockott




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