From the about section on www.youmakejoburggreat.co.za:

Joburg definitely deals with its fair share of flack. “Why would you want to live in Joburg?” Yes it might not have a mountain. It might not have a beach. It might not have a 1000 year old museum or cathedral. But it does have something better than any other city in South Africa…
The people.

The most awesome people in South Africa and quite possibly the world.

The people in Joburg rock. Properly rock. They drive the economy. They work hard and play even harder. They are generally friendly, vibrant and cosmopolitan. They are F&*%ING awesome!

And those people are YOU.


Never forget it. And never stop telling others! Because the person that serves you your next Steers burger at 3am, makes Joburg Great. Your mate who drives you home or fetches ice on the way to your place makes Joburg Great. The person you met last week for the first time and already consider them a friend, they make Joburg Great. They all make Joburg Great. Just like you…


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12 11 2009
russell grant

i love your stuff. absolutely amazing.

Im involved in a site called Jobusy. We’re about to launch, but have been over year in the making. we’ve taken it upon ourselves to include everything that makes Johannesburg an amazing city that is just waiting for you to explore! we’ve got a little bit of a focus on the city centre, we film these adventures, and want key city movers and shakers to detail why they love Joburg!

So you guys HAVE to be on the site!!!! We want to do everything in our power to make your initiative the best it can be. We gonna put you guys in the “local” section under initiatives, put you guys in the featured section, and if there’s one of you in particular that runs the idea, we’d love to have you be a “contributer”

does this sound cool?
please ckeck out the site and let us know.


25 11 2009

25 November 2009… a Wednesday Morning… hectic traffic… roadworks…. uggghhh….

I was on my way to work… same old routine, barely aware of the people in the cars causing my traffic jam… yawn…

As I crawled towards the Linksfield intersection I noticed a guy with a cardboard sign. People with cardboard signs, yawn… See them all the time…

I was about to look away when I noticed that this guy was not only young and well dressed but he was wearing a cool pair of sunglasses. I took a second look…

“Cardboard-Sign-Guy” was grinning from ear to ear…. at me!
He pointed his index finger at his cardboard sign and pointed… at ME!!
I read the sign “YOU make Joburg GREAT”!!

He smiled, nodded slowly and gave me the thumbs up.

I looked around (probably for the first time this morning) and noticed the “Traffic-Jam-Cars” contained people! And each of these people were smiling at “Cardboard-Sign-Carrying-People” who were telling them that THEY TOO make Joburg Great.
I caught the eye of several of my fellow Traffic-Jammers and shared a smile and a “HOOT” and the guys with the Cardboard Signs seemed thoroughly thrilled by the response.

I want to tell all the “Cardboard-Sign-Carrying-People” that YOU GUYS ROCK and definitely MAKE JOBURG GREAT!!!!

You, know… we don’t have to carry signs to be “Cardboard-Sign-Carrying-People” and to let those we pass know that They Make Joburg Great too!!

Well Done and thank you for making my day!!!!


25 11 2009

Thanks so much Charmaine! Glad you enjoyed it, we will be there for the rest of the week and we will be having a massive party on the side of the road on Friday morning to welcome the weekend. Everyone’s invited!!!

28 01 2010

Hey Jorburg!

I am from Turkey, Istanbul… I had Jorburg experience in 2000 for a year. That’s was my freedom and happiness…

I love South Africaans and Jorburgmind. Jorburg welcome to all people around the world with lovely mountain and green face …

Thansk a lot to everyone who makes Jorburg…

Missed you Jorburg …
Basak Tecer

29 01 2010

Good day,

Where do I find the bumper stickers discussed on Highveld this morning?

3 03 2010

mail darrint@penuin.co.za – he can hook you up!

29 01 2010

Morning guys,

Heard you guys on 94.7 this morning and i need some of the bumper stickers.

How do i get hold of them?


29 01 2010

Just wondered about the bumper stickers. We are having a fun walk at school to get everyone involved and think it would be a great idea to hand out a few of these bumper stickers on the day…..

3 02 2010

Please send stickers!!!!!

P O Box 235

24 02 2010
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[…] There’s obviously a lot more going on in a city that truly has a heart, as these sites are testament to: Jobusy – a guide to loving Johannesburg city and a lovely, inclusive, people-focused campaign You Make Jo’burg Great. […]

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