15 Days to go… Where will you be watching?

27 05 2010

The closest experience to catching any of the 2010 FIFA World Cup games live at any of South Africa’s breath-taking stadiums is popping in at any of Johannesburg’s official FIFA Fan Fests™, public viewing and township TV sites.
Football fans in Johannesburg without tickets to the FIFA World Cup matches may be able to join in the festive opportunities the city is offering to watch matches live on big screens.
With two host venues, Soccer City and Ellis Park stadiums, Johannesburg is the first city in the history of the FIFA World Cup to have two Official FIFA Fan Fests. The Fan Fests will be located in the historic township of Soweto and the up-market suburb of Sandton, in the north of the city.

In addition to the Official Fan Fests, the City of Johannesburg will boast several public viewing sites for the World Cup. Here, football fans can have the same football fun experience as in the Official Fan Fests.
There are numerous parks scattered all over the city, some of them equipped with giant screen televisions to entertain residents. These parks – thanks to a partnership between the City of Johannesburg entity City Parks and cellphone network giant MTN, will be screening live all 64 matches of the 2010 World Cup

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Source: www.joburg.org.za

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10 Million Strong for Bafana

24 05 2010
Got invited to join this group on Facebook this morning. Awesome initiative with a massive goal. They are attempting to get nearly 1/4 or the country behind Bafana Bafana leading up to the World Cup. So, if you’re the type who lives for Friday just so you can wear your Green and Gold, then this is the group for you. Let’s show the rest of SA that Joburg’s 110% behind our boys.  

To join the group, click on http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=203303782392

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Soweto 101: A guide to watching Rugby at Orlando Stadium

23 05 2010
For loads of Blue Bulls supporters, Soweto was a completely new experience. Who would have thought that the predominantly Afrikaans supporters would be watching their team smash the Crusaders in Orlando Stadium, Soweto of all places. What a historic event! What an awesome atmosphere! Well done to everyone for making Joburg Great.

It would seem though that watching Rugby in Soweto was not as awesome an experience for some as it was for us so, here are a couple of tips to making the most of your visit.

  1. Leave early! That’s the key. There is loads to do once you’re in Soweto and you don’t want to still be looking for parking half way through the first half. If you’re up for a new experience, Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transport service will take you directly to the stadium. Check out their website for routes and costs. http://www.reavaya.org.za
  2. Get some local flavour! Wandies (6kms from stadium) and Sakhumzi’s(4kms from stadium) are both awesome venues to  soak up some local cuisine and enjoy a couple of ice cold bevies before the game. Both venues offer a wide variety of meals, served buffet style, catering for both carnivores and vegetarians alike.
  3. Orlando Stadium. Plan to get to the stadium with time to spare. There is loads of access and we found parking without any problem at all. Drinks were freely available and there are plenty of street vendors selling loads of last minute supporters gear. Don’t rush to get out of the stadium after the game. The beer garden was awesome and the vibe was unbelievable! Good party.

Give yourself plenty of time and you’ll have an awesome day in Soweto. It was great to see how welcoming the locals were. Yesterday, Soweto turned Blue! Next week Soweto will once again be blue, it’s just the shade that will tell us apart. Good luck to both the Bulls and the Stormers.

To everyone who made the trip to Soweto, to all the locals who made it a great day out and everyone who was proud of this historic occasion. You make Joburg Great

Google Maps (Maps and Directions)

Greg Kockott

Awesome effort Soweto!! You make Joburg Great

22 05 2010

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Only in Soweto!

22 05 2010
Only in Soweto would you find four of the most hardcore Blue Bull supporters getting a massage with their shirts off before the historic Super 14 semi-final at Orlando stadium. You Make Joburg Great

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Joburg is world class: survey

12 05 2010

Almost three out of every four Johannesburg residents rate their city as "world class", according to the latest survey by Accenture’s Global Cities Forum.

The survey, conducted by international consultants, canvassed the opinions of the city’s citizens across different races and living conditions.

“The survey… found that nearly three out of every four (73 percent) Johannesburg residents see their city as world class, which puts it on a par with cities like Los Angeles (75 percent), New York City (73 percent) and Singapore (75 percent),” it said in a statement.

However, it also found residents had concerns about a range of issues, including corruption, the inefficient delivery of public services and the lack of transparency and accountability in the administration of public funds.

“Most Johannesburg taxpayers rate their city as world-class— but they want more transparency and accountability from public service organisations,” it said.

Residents also wanted government to make public service organisations’ spending and performance data available to the public so it could be scrutinised, the survey said.

Photograph by: Gallo Images 
Credit: Lefty Shivambu
Article from: Times Live www.timeslive.co.za

From Durban to Joburg with Love

7 05 2010

We asked people living in Jozi to tell us stories about what makes Joburg a cool please. This is our first post from a Durbanite who’s fallen in love with Joburg. Rock on!


Hi there

I really like the initiative. I think you guys are doing such good work 🙂

My story about Jozi starts last year February. I moved up from Durban on sufferance. My family was here and they said that if I didn’t find a job in Durban I had to move back in with them. So I moved, leaving the only life I knew behind for a city I never really liked.

I got here and was negative about everything – the cold, the traffic and the people seemed to be unfriendly. That was until I went to Wits.

As I strolled around the campus, looking for something interesting, I came across this group called the Wits Explorers. In a dingy room in the Students’ Union building, they sat chatting and having lunch. I walked in and made myself at home. The Explorers of Wits made me see what Joburg is really about and have shown me that Joburg isn’t unfriendly – in fact, when you look closer, the people are friendlier here than Durban! Most people are ready to help at the drop of a hat and make you feel welcome. The student life was better, the number of pro-active people higher and the energy of the city is inescapable.

People are too quick to judge Joburg as being a concrete jungle. I have been on more rafting, hiking and camping trips since I have been here than when I was in Durban. I climb trees more often because there are more trees here. If you look for it, there is so much more to do – I have seen more live music here than I ever have anywhere else. And I love the sunsets filled with purple, blue, gold, red and orange.

Sure, the traffic sucks but that’s life. Sure it’s cold but it’s more of a chance to snuggle up with a blanket and heater. I have fallen in love with this city.

Nikita Ramkissoon